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custom software development What is custom software development?

   Custom software design and development is a process of converting your business ideas into computer software to help make your business easier and more efficient. We do this by using a wide assortment of software development tools called programming languages. Our goal is to have a program that you can use at your fingertips with a simple click of a mouse button or a key press. Some businesses have procedures that can possibly take hours of manual labor.

  What we try to do is analyze these procedures, work hand in hand with the client to consolidate these procedures it into a simple, easy, and effective computer program. We also specialize in developing custom web based solutions, database software and applications that span the network. We are located in Long Island, NY and are here to help you simplify your business by tailoring your needs!

Stages of Custom Software Development:
  Analysis - We discuss what your needs are and how we can help accomplish those needs through software
  Planning - Once he have an idea, the next step is a plan of action on how to solve your problem
  Design - This is outlining how the software will work in general terms
  Development - This is the actual development based on the design outline
  Testing - Once we are done developing, we then do extensive testing for any glitches
  Delivery - This step is delivering the software to the client
  Maintenance - Any issues that occur over time which could be caused by external factors like the network
  Upgrades - As the users use the software, new ideas and enhancements be incorporated in future releases.

Specialize in these software design areas:
  Programs that help reduce repeat work
  Programs that save time and money
  Programs that work with specialized hardware
  Programs that work with existing databases
  Software to meet your advertising needs
  Software applications where speed is critical
  Customize multi-user software packages
  Designing easy to use custom webpages
  Website based back-end software
  Adding specialized screen functionality
  Developing Customized Reports and Graphs
  Creating user friendly help documents
  Creating software installation routines
  Integrate with popular software packages
  These projects can be done locally or remotely
  Working in a variety of programming languages

Specializing in the following languages:
  Assembly Language
  Adobe Flash
  Android Studio
  Actionscript 2 & 3
  Borland C++ Builder
  C#, C++
  CGI Scripts
  Cold Fusion
  Classic ASP
  Class Development
  Computer Graphics
  Delphi / Pascal
  FoxPro Windows
  Installation Programs
  Javascript / Canvas
  Microsoft SQL Server
  MySql Database
  MS Access Forms
  Oracle PL/SQL
  Pascal/Borland C
  PHP Scripts
  Quickbooks Integration
  SQL Data Design
  Visual FoxPro
  Visual Basic 6
  Visual Basic.NET
  VB Script
  Windows API's
  Word Macros

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Additional Services:

   Databases / Mobile Apps / Networking / Troubleshooting / Training / Webhosting

We are located in Long Island, NY and are here to meet all your web design and website development needs!

Software Projects
Nassau County Firemans Museum Telecom Commission Software Online Calendar Software Online File Manager Bowling Pro Shop Software Insurance Billing Software Driving School Course Software Turbine Specification Forms Hot Tub Point of Sales Software Simple Payroll Software
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