Additional Word Search Customizations Available

We offer the custom word search program generally as a free game. We have included additional features for websites in exchange for a high quality properly placed backlink and/or advertisment. But we have included the option to create a further customized version of the game with more additional features for a cost of $50.00. Please read the details and view our samples on what this includes.

Currently the free version supports:

  We host game and provide you with the code to easily install on your website
  Enter a Custom Title
  Enter your own Wordlist
  Choose Gridsize 10x10, 14x14, 18x18 to display
  Enter as many words as you want, computer will randomly select each time

Word Search Additional Features (also includes the above):

  5 different game sizes - 600x450, 700x525, 800x600, 900x675, 1024x768
  Use background image to fully brand to your company's look and feel.
  Five Change Color Options: "grid border", "grid letters", "word list", "rubberband", "cross word off list"
  Allow your own MP3 sound one puzzle is solved
  Redirect to a webpage upon completion (after music completes)
  Hide ATK Solutions Copyright Information/Freeware Promo

Additional Customizations Cost: $50.00

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